World International Film Festival®, 2017-2018

WORLD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is a global industry event held around the year in more then 20 world's cities: 
Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Reykjavík, Moscow, Kiev, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala-Lumpur, Beijing, Brisbane and more.
This has never been done before. There is a media-bridge connection between these 20 film festivals. 



Categories: Feature, Foreign Language Feature (Online link) 
Link to Screener: No trailer. Need to ask.
Language: Spanish 
Country: Mexico 
Runtime: 01:21:00
Genre: Drama, Latino 

China's 3Dreams

Categories: Documentary, Documentary Feature (Online link), Foreign Language Feature (Online link)
Language: Chinese 
Country: China 
Runtime: 01:24.04
Genre: Asian, Avant-garde, Culture Documentary, Education, Found Footage, 
History, Human rights, Independent, Independent Film, Philosophical, 
Poetry, Politics, Psychological, Social Issues, World Cinema